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The Mandara by Suntrust Properties, Inc. in Silang, Cavite is not only blessed with the greatness of its natural goodness but as well as with the generous provision of exclusive facilities and amenities for recreational purposes. Impressive features of a residential community can also be found here. The Mandara is a great combination of nature’s best and the finest architectural design. 

The entire community maintains its zonal exclusivity through its perimeter walls. Entrance and exit gates are located in one place for easy monitoring but separated with a guard house in between. Incoming and outgoing visitors and cars are being logged-in by shifting security guards. Security measures are enforced starting at the entrance gates. The community also takes pride in its well-constructed underground drainage system and with its widely concreted access roads within the entire Mandara Place. Come good or bad weather, the community is safe from any eventual water trouble because the drainage system is full at work. Wider concrete roads with concrete gutters are additional safety features and convenience for everyone within the community. 

Recreational facilities here are at its best. The Mandara boasts of its impressive clubhouse and a multi-purpose hall. It has its own infinity pool and good parking space provided. A viewing deck is also available. The Mandara’s infinity pool is a perfect suburban amenity that lets residents enjoy the same lifestyle as if they are at a holiday getaway resort. Surrounded by tall beautiful trees around it, the infinity pool becomes a perfect and an instant social grounds for neighbors to meet and make friends. Also available are children’s park and playground where weekends and school time offs can be greatly spent with, amongst other children. The children’s playground is a much safer and healthier environment, perfect indeed for your kids to enjoy. The Mandara has equally provided for jogging and hiking trails. This is a great recreational area especially for the older ones who have established their morning rituals – jogging, walking or brisk walking. Cabanas alongside meditation gardens and open parks are also available. For great nature lovers, this is your chance to enjoy the massive beauty of a well-maintained garden. With open parks great for family weekend picnics, who would need a lot of traveling? And with available cabanas in the open parks, smaller groups gathering in the open space is just as possible as if you dream of it. 

One of the best features of The Mandara is its location. It is literally a heartbeat away from Sta. Rosa’s main commercial center – roughly a 3 to minutes ride, and too close to Tagaytay City’s impressive resorts. Either directions you want to go, with the best road network available from and to The Mandara, everything you can think of is just as possible as your mind could conceive it. 

Topping the list of its best features is the strict security program for the entire community. With the presence of well-trained security personnel all over the place, peace and order are easily achieved. By far, since its opening, no untoward incident has been recorded within the community and within its immediate neighbors. Thank God for this much safer haven.

  • Infinity Pool
  • Water Feature
  • Multi-purpose Hall w/ parking
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